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where to buy weed online France

where to buy weed online in France, often introduces new drug laws and repeals old ones. The newest ones regarding marijuana were put in place at the end of 2018. During the Macron government. The authorities seem to have realized that a lot of people smoke weed in France, according to some statistics. The highest consumption per capita in Europe. Marijuana for sale Paris, order weed mail delivery, buy marijuana concentrate in France, buying cannabis in France

Despite the loosening of the law, selling, growing, or possessing weed is illegal in France. There is limited use of medicinal marijuana in medication, and actual weed you can smoke is expect to roll out in the future.

What happens when you get caught with weed in France

where to buy weed online in France, After the 2018 reforms, the possession of a small amount of marijuana is decriminalized. If you are caught with a couple of grams of weed or hash on you. At the most you can get a fine of 200 Euros. As you might expect for selling, growing and trafficking you can get a prison sentence of up to 5 years, and 10 under certain aggregating circumstances..

Future of marijuana in France

The French seem to love their weed, and the public opinion is moving towards accepting the legalization marijuana. There’s a good chance they will lead to way towards the legalization of recreational marijuana in Europe. Medicinal marijuana is about to become available, and after that recreational is the next logical step. Marijuana for sale Paris

Medical cannabis

Franc is a signatory to the 1925 Geneva Convention on drugs, and accordingly banned cannabis as a medical treatment in 1953. Since then, the importation, sale, transport and production of cannabis and cannabinoids has been illegal in France. order weed mail delivery

Order weed mail deliveryHowever, in 1999, the Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé (AFSSPS) authorised the issuance of. ATUs (temporary use authorizations) for health products otherwise not permitted on the French market.

where to buy weed online in France

However, in 1991 a court rejected the demands of the NGO Mouvement pour la Légalization Contrôlée. Concerning the importation of cannabis to supply 10 patients suffering terminal illness, arguing that such was incompatible with France’s adherence to the 1961. UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, and MLC’s inability to scientifically control and administer medical cannabis.


On 25 May 2017, the Minister of the Interior indicated his intention to implement reforms, promised by President Emmanuel Macron during his campaign. To substitute citations rather than arrest and trial for use and possession of cannabis. buy marijuana concentrate in France

On 23 November 2018 the penalty for possession of cannabis (and other illegal drugs) was reduced to a 200 euro fine. Following a 28–14 vote by the National Assembly. On 1 September 2020. The French Government introduced a 200€ fine for cannabis consumption instead of being taken into custody. This measure will also be applied for cocaine detention. Buying cannabis in France



where to buy weed online in France, marijuana for sale Paris, order weed mail delivery, buy marijuana concentrate in France, buying cannabis in France

Trends in cannabis usage for ages 15–44 between 1990 and 2000

In 2012, 13.4 million French people between age 15 and 64 had tried cannabis, and 1.2 million people in Metropolitan France considered themselves regular users. order weed mail delivery

In 2015, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction published a new report on drugs. Saying that the French people were still the biggest cannabis consumers, especially in the 15–34 segment. The report is also affirming that the product quality is increasing, due to competition and technical innovation. Order weed mail delivery


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